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The company's face may be it's employees, but the company's clothes are made of text and graphics. Many people get their first impression of a company and it's products through the language and design they meet on it's corporate web site, printed matter and packaging. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make the right one.

Translations €0.15/$0.18 per word (get a price quote)

We translate everything, from software, documentation and reports to web sites, leaflets and marketing material. That means full adaptation of the text and message to the audience's language, special terminology, standards and culture. Everything is then proof-read and checked for any unintentional meanings or associations in the target language. English to Norwegian is done in-house. Other language combinations are forwarded to quality assured translators all over the world.
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Language/design upgrades:
€40/$50 per hour (Get a quote)

If you have a web site or publication you want to use, but you would like to 'professionalize' the language, design and/or functionality, we can take care of it. Your trade knowledge and the job you have already done, plus our language, layout, design and web coding skills, will result in a smart and cost effective solution.

User manuals, web sites and publications (Get a quote)

Is documentation, publications and web site production something you don't really have time for? Regardless of which production phase you are in - idea or draft - we can take over and complete your project. Click the link in the heading to send us an e-mail and tell us if what you need is a simple product introduction, a corporate profile web site, a complete user manual, an online store ready to be deployed, or something else.
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This is not a binding order. We will send you a proposed price and delivery date via e-mail. We do not start any work until you have confirmed these data. All information from you is treated as 100% confidential.
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We are a global network of experienced and professional translators, translating to our mother tongues and living in the market you want to reach. So we know how the text should be translated and adapted to convey your message effectively to the target audience.

Knowledge, skills and dedication

Many years of translator experience within various industries have given us a firm technological platform. This means that in addition to our linguistic skills, you can trust us to have a good understanding of what the text is about before we start the translation process. We are used to clients who have very high demands with regards to quality, speed and competetive pricing. Combined with a solid knowledge of relevant document software, file formats, linguistic resources and computer tools, not to mention our wish to establish a long-term, professional relationship with you, the product we deliver is high-quality, on target and on time. Every time.

A selection of our end clients

Adobe, Alcoa, Alpine, Analog Devices, Autodesk, Bandag, Bewator, Black&Decker, Bosch, Canon, Contiki ECM, Creative Labs, Dell, DePuy Spine, Dixons, e-buzz, Electrolux, Elopak, Epson, ESA, GE Capital, GE Healthcare, Genzyme, GM, Haier, Honda, Honeywell, HP, Huntleigh Akron, IDIS, Independence Technology, Instron, Kongshavn Marine, Lexmark, Logitech, McAfee, Medex, Medtronic, Microsoft, NAFO, New Holland, Nokia, Océ, OKI, Oracle, Orlogix, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Packard-Bell, Paxar, Philips, Popular Science (Atlantic Forlag/Time), Pyrex, Quark, Roxar, Ryanair, Salon Services, Scribona, Seiko Instruments, Skillsoft, Sony, SoundMax, Sulzer Carbomedics, Sun, Symantec, Systimax Solutions, Texas Instruments, Thermo Shandon, TissueLink Medical, Unipath, Whirlpool, Xomed.

Kid's Programming Language

For information about Kid's Programming Language in English, please refer to the KPL web site.
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